About Miles McNeel

Concrete Inspiration

“I was thinking of how I love the way stones look in matrix and geodes, and thought, how could you return faceted stones to their original setting? Having spent most of my life in New York City, I was walking one night in a shabby neighborhood when I turned the corner, and the sidewalk started to shimmer. There it was! Mica mixed with concrete. Of course the Romans had the right idea—concrete lasts centuries.”

Thomas Diener

Care Sheet

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Why DogTags?

“the idea behind the dog tag pairs are to take something ordinary, iconic with somewhat dark connotations and make it a statement of peace, beauty and individuality. My “celestial dog tags” are to be worn as a pair until the cosmos dictates to split them…then your soul-mate/best friend keeps the small one in order to recognize each other in the after life.”. All these pieces reflect the broad scope of Miles McNeels inspiring and beautiful wearable art.