Collections 2006

Creation of the DogTag

gold, jewelry, fashion, diamonds, garnet, orange, fire, stones,

In 2018 Thomas Diener created "The Dog Tag" for Miles McNeel Design. 

precious stones set in concrete to make these beautiful pieces.

Miles McNeel Rings

Essential to Miles McNeel Design are his rings, bold, colorful, statement pieces.

Miles McNeel Earrings

Miles Mcneel earrings are inspired in geometry and the dark sky where constellations of diamonds are the main attraction.

Collections 2008


Color combinations in hues that only nature can dream of.

Hatshepsut Collection

Inspired in Hatshepsut. She was the second historically confirmed female pharaoh.


Collection Vortex is inspired on the beauty of galaxies, nebulas and the grids found on our universe.

Collections 2011


San Miguel De Allende Guanajuato inspired the "skulls" collection. Birth place of Agustin Jaramillo Thomas's partner.


"Tears" collection was created as a form to  express respect for Mother Nature in en effort to create awareness about the tears the earth cries for humanity.

Crying stones can be tears of joy. Precious stones set in concrete and natural stone.

2018 coming soon

coming soon

Stay tuned for 2018 summer collection.