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Limited Edition Rings

Limited Edition rings collection featured all the diamonds and precious stones with 14k white gold and platinum.

Concrete Rings

First of its kind this is the all concrete rings collection. No metal is involved in the creation of these rings.

circumpunct ring, circumpunct, concrete, ring, diamond, labradorite, jewelry, miles Mcneel,

Circumpunct Rings


The circumpunct is the most ancient version of the evil eye symbol.

The circled dot, circumpunct, or circle with a point at its centre Solar symbol used to represent the Sun.

Malocchio Rings

The Evil Eye stares back at the world to ward off evil and keep you safe from harm. 

Collection created By Thomas Diener and Agustin Jaramillo after finding the malocchio in both their cultures.

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DJew Rings

The hieroglyphic sign for "mountain" depicted to peaks with a valley running between them. This image approximated the hills that rose up on either side of the Nile valley.

Miles Mcneel created a valley of gems holed up by two peaks symbolizing also our cosmic universe.

Signet Rings

One of Miles McNeel iconic rings the "Signet" ring.

Endless combinations of precious stones and diamonds set in concrete.